Prticipation from District Nowsehra

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# Name Distt. Country Durood Quran(Parts)
1 accionetuang Nowsehra Bouvet Island
2 Aiteziz Ali Khan Nowsehra Pakistan
3 Haider Ali Kareemi Nowsehra United Arab Emirates 1,492,448 99
4 Imran Khan Nowsehra Pakistan
5 Kokab Manzoor Nowsehra Pakistan 1,402,500
6 koterastoney Nowsehra Bahrain
7 Muhammad Tahir Nowsehra Pakistan 170,000
8 Muhammad Waseem Nowsehra Pakistan 58,200
9 Syed Altaf Hussain Nowsehra Pakistan 276,000
10 tdressstuar Nowsehra Somalia

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