Prticipation from District Ghotki

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# Name Distt. Country Durood Quran(Parts)
1 athar raza quadri Ghotki India
2 hasnain rasool Ghotki Pakistan 1 6
3 herhoehnkris Ghotki Wallis and Futuna
4 Irfan ul Allah Ghotki Pakistan 66,300
5 MiaN Dad Khan Ghotki Pakistan 35,682
6 Mian Mohammad Yasin Tahir Ghotki Pakistan 58,500
7 Mohammad Mohsin Ghotki Pakistan 3 1
8 muhammad Ghotki Pakistan 1,822,130 194
9 Muhammad Alee Ghotki Pakistan 5,725
10 Muhammad Ismail Samejo Ghotki Pakistan 48,963
11 nazia Ghotki United Kingdom
12 oyellave Ghotki Ethiopia
13 Syed Ghulam Akbar Shah Ghotki Pakistan

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