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Name : Muhammad Ali Haidar Qadri (MTA)
From : Lahore, Pakistan
Message About : Both of Web Site & Gosha-e-Durood
Message : In the name of ALLAH most Murcifull. ALLAH Meray Qaid ko Salamat Rakh jis nay ye Aashiaana Banaya , I expect from every person, who is joining this great opportunity, Must Pray for Long Life+Good Health+Happiness of Our Mehboob Qaid, we are nothing without him today. we should follow him if we want to follow The Holly Prophet (PBUH), He is like the Mirror of The Holly Prophet (PBUH).we all should must have change our lives now in the Life of our QAID..........Tujhj se milta hooon to udaaas rehta hooon Too chala gia to phir kya ho ga.....I just did a little effort today for QAID that I made a Video CD included 42 Topics in one cd for lewajhillah and just wana see smile on the face of Mehboob Qaid.
Submitted on : Saturday, Dec 17, 2005. 23:31:33
Name : Ch Zakir Hussain
From : Mehmda, Pakistan
Message About : Both of Web Site & Gosha-e-Durood
Message : میں دل کی اتھا? گ?رائیوں سے من?اج القرآن، اس کے سربرا? اور تمام ٹیم ممبران کو گوش?ء درود سجانے پر مبارکباد پیش کرتا ?وں۔ اور دعا ?ے ک? ی? سلسل? تا قیامت جاری و ساری ر?ے۔ آمین عاجز ذاکر از گجرات
Submitted on : Saturday, Dec 17, 2005. 16:31:44
From : Kabirwala. paksitan
Message About : Both of Web Site & Gosha-e-Durood
Message : Subhan ALLAH Congrajulation to Qibla Dr Tahrul Qadri and all team to started gosha e darood. Hazoor Aqa Namdar SAW obtain rahmat on us. Allah Humma sali alaSayadina wa molana Muhammad wa ala all e wa sahabe wabarik Wasalam
Submitted on : Tuesday, Dec 13, 2005. 09:14:31
Name : Tasmeea Noor
From : USA
Message About : Web Site
Message : This is definitely a glorious website. I have a suggestion to make. Almost all places in the website, "SAW" is used, instead of the entire salutation. Making abbreviation is American style, to minimize time. Atleast in this website, is it possible to spell out entire salutaion for our beloved leader? Jazakallah Khairan.
Submitted on : Monday, Dec 12, 2005. 20:12:46
Name : Zaheer
From : Glasgow
Message About : Gosha-e-Durood
Message : I would like to congratulate all the people who have been involved in making Gosha-e-Durood a success may Allah Almighty reward you all abundantly for all your efforts, and may Allah Almighty give our Beloved Quaid a long life, and may Allah Almighty always bless us with the physical and spiritual presence of our Beloved Shaykh.

Brother Sattar, I cannot remeber my password or username as my sister signed me onto the website can you please send me the username and reset the password for me so that I can submit my durood.

Sister Zaheer

Reply : Sorry to say, we cannot activate your account without knowing your username. Say your sister to remind username at least, otherwise you may create a new account.
Submitted on : Monday, Dec 12, 2005. 19:26:51
Name : Muhammad Nadeem Sulehri qadri
From : Sialkot
Message About : Both of Web Site & Gosha-e-Durood
Message : السلام علیکم

میں پ?لے حلق? میں شامل ?ونے والا خوش نصیب ?وں، الحمدلل?۔ میں اس پیغام کے ذریعے تمام لوگوں کو اپنے گزارے گئے عشر? کے بارے میں بتانا چا?تا ?وں۔ میرے پاس مناسب ال?اظ ن?یں ?یں ک? میں اس تجرب? کی وضاحت کر سکوں۔ صر? ی? ک?نا چا?وں گا ک? میری ساری زندگی کے حسین ترین لمحے میں نے ا?ن 10 دنوں میں جی لئے۔ ایک عجیب سا روحانی سماں ?ے ی?اں۔ اور اس کی وضاحت ن?یں ?و سکتی، ی?اں آؤ اور چکھ لو۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔ اور اپنی زندگی کے حسین ترین لمحے گزار لو۔۔۔۔۔۔۔ اپنی آخرت کا ایسا سامان پیدا کر لو ک? ی?اں سے جاتے وقت تم?ارا دل گوا?ی دے ک? اب تم پر ج?نم کی آگ حرام ?و گئی ?ے۔

گوش?ء درود کی ویب سائٹ بنانے والوں سے اپیل ?ے ک? و? پ?لے عشر? میں شامل ا?راد کی لسٹ کا لنک بھی ی?اں پر دیں۔ ب?ت م?ربانی

تمام خادمین? گوش?ء درود کو سلام۔ اور راج? زا?د بھائی کو بھی سلام

Submitted on : Sunday, Dec 11, 2005. 20:41:03
Name : Mohd Abdul Waheed
From : India
Message About : Both of Web Site & Gosha-e-Durood
Message : Assalam alaikum!

I like ur side v much but i cant join as a remote user coz am from India so dont have this nic no. so plz tell me how can I join as a remote user coz it is telling that field is empty. Plz make a solution for this problem as am v much interested to join n recite durood. as a remote user

thank u am waiting for ur early reply.
allah hafiz

Reply : W Salam,

You may use some other ID no. instead of NIC no. That should be unique as your job registration no. etc.

Submitted on : Saturday, Dec 10, 2005. 12:00:44
Name : Dr M Arfan Badsha
From : Saray Alamgir, Gujrat
Message About : Both of Web Site & Gosha-e-Durood
Message : Assalamoalaikum Congradulation to all the members of TMQ that they are attached this greatest tehreek of this century
Pls add my darood sharif in GOSHA E DUROOD thanks
Reply : W Salam,

We are not directly adding Nazrana from remote users. You should register yourself as a remote user and after our approval you will be able to submit Durood Sharif & Quran-e-Majeed to the web.

Submitted on : Saturday, Dec 10, 2005. 06:52:54
Name : Shahid Kaleem
From : Nelson, UK
Message About : Both of Web Site & Gosha-e-Durood
Message : Jazaak Allah, what a great idea and efforts are in place for all of us to make our contributions in the life which is waiting for us. May Allah bless all of us by the name of Hazoor (SAW).
Submitted on : Friday, Dec 9, 2005. 16:35:53
Name : Abdul Sattar
From : Toronto, Canada
Message About : Both of Web Site & Gosha-e-Durood
Message : اسلام علیکم This is ever first time in Islamic History that some one has made such a nice place (Gosha-e-Durood) to recite Durood 24/7/365 and I am thankful to my Quaid Huzoor Shaykh-ul-Islam for giving all of us this opportunity. And I have a suggestion/question too, is it possible that some one can send/recite Durood for some one else, like for parents or friends etc, if it is possible then make this option available on “Submit Durood? page. والسلام عبد الستار CANADA
Submitted on : Friday, Dec 9, 2005. 06:05:36
Name : Ahsan Irshad
From : Mississauga, Canada
Message About : Web Site
Message : Asslamoalikum,

Mashallah this is very nice web site, I appreciate Brother Abdul Sattar's work and devotion, May Allah give him the reward for all the work he is doing.

I tried to find the original Message of Shaykh-ul-Islam about Gosha e Durood but could not find it, can you please help me to find the message, and if it is not available on site then please add it on this website and on main website too as an important message of Shaykh-ul-Islam, that will be the best introduction of Gosha e Durood.



Submitted on : Friday, Dec 9, 2005. 05:39:18
Name : Muhammad Kashif Mughal
From : Sialkot, Pakistan
Message About : Both of Web Site & Gosha-e-Durood
Message : Aslaamu Aaliakum!

Many Congratulations to all members and lovers of this tehreek that Our Quid give us greatest opportunity to send collective Durood Shareef for Aqa-e-dojahan SAW by the opening of "Gosha-e-Durood"

and site is fantastic and i want to give you some suggestion if you can make it clear that we can forget our passward or user name there must be a facility for the forget the passward as well as remote user shows names of the person not the "User name" then after some time if the user name is different from name then it will make problems for users if the display shows user name then easy to enter durood sharif

second i entered my name twice there is no check to block this repetition there should be system like the hotmail or yahoo users sign in and sign out

and third a big display not only scrool title baar the the specific Durood Paak By Qibla huzoor for print out. Waslaam

"Allah humma sali ala sayyidina wamoulana Muhammadin Wa'ala aalihi wa sahbihi wa barik wasalam"

Reply : Wa-alaikum us-Salam

We have noted your points and at their turn it will be acted upon.

You had been registered by two different user names "Muhammad kashif" & "umar group", and I think there is no check in Yahoo or Hotmail or any other service to block same user using more than one user names.

Submitted on : Thursday, Dec 8, 2005. 16:24:45
Name : Kashif Mumtaz Tahir
From : Lahore
Message About : Gosha-e-Durood
Message : الل? پاک اس کاوش کو قبول ?رمائے اور گوش?ء درود اسی طرح روز? محشر تک جاری و ساری ر?ے اور گنا?گاروں کے لئے بخشش کا سامان ?را?م ?وتا ر?ے۔
Reply : آمین، نیک تمناؤں کا شکری?
Submitted on : Wednesday, Dec 7, 2005. 15:33:22
Name : Zarina
From : UK
Message About : Web Site
Message : Asalamu alaykum I've been looking at your website, and noticed that users have to enter their NIC number. It's OK if you are living in Pakistan, as everyone their will have this number.

However if you are living outside Pakistan, there is a possibility that not all Pakistanis will have this number.

May I suggest you make this field optional so more people can apply to join for reciting Salat and Salam on the beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW. Allah Hafiz

Submitted on : Wednesday, Dec 7, 2005. 14:14:36
Name : Hidden
From : United Kingdom
Message About : Gosha-e-Durood
Message : Assalaamualykum, I hope everyone is in the best of health and imaan. Many congrats to all the minhajians on the set up of gosha-e-darood, i pray to Allah that He gives our Qaid a long prosperous life so he can keep us under his guide. masalaama!

~'Allah humma sali ala sayyidina Muhammadin Wa'ala aalihi wa sahbihi wa barik wasalam'~

Submitted on : Wednesday, Dec 7, 2005. 13:30:13
Name : Muhammad Shoaib Mughal
From : Lahore, Pakistan
Message About : Both of Web Site & Gosha-e-Durood
Message : Assalm o Alikum First of all I would like to appriciate the whole team of Minhaj-ul-Qura`n & espacially Dr.Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri on the begining of this sacred project. May Allah and Aqa SAW shelter this project and people of Minhaj-ul-Qura`n. Also Convey my Greetings to all those who have join the Ghosha-e-durood First time. Secondly, I will second the point raised by Mr. Sami-u-Zafar Naushahi. However in very short time the preparation of the web, is really great teamwork of Minhaj Internet bereau.
Submitted on : Wednesday, Dec 7, 2005. 12:52:29
Name : Zahra
From : Lahore
Message About : Both of Web Site & Gosha-e-Durood
Message : Its very nice effort. May Almighty Allah bless all of us. but i m facing a problem in register to remote user. when click on the link remote user there is a blank page, no any form is there to enter the info. I ve tried many time but same peroblem. plz do guide me. THANKS A LOT
Reply : As it was discussed, everything is working fine. You may empty your Temporary Internet Files folder and try again.
Submitted on : Wednesday, Dec 7, 2005. 12:52:18
Name : Khizer
From : Sargodha, PK
Message About : Web Site
Message : Congratulation. Pray for all who created this excellent idea & those who made it practible by there efforts.
Submitted on : Tuesday, Dec 6, 2005. 16:47:39
Name : Syed Sami-uz-Zafar Naushahi
From : Lahore, Pakistan
Message About : Web Site
Message : Congratulations for Sattar Bhai and his team for launching this website! It is yet another excellent performance shown by this team. The website has a simple and attractive layout, which really suits with the nature of Gosha-e-Durood.

Yesterday I registered on this website and found a few things which can be improved a little bit:

1. A link for subscription for new users may be given under the "Submit Durood" form.

2. Please comma separate the number of Duroods recited in the left column.

3. Can we miss out the condition to enter NIC? Some people may be reluctant to enter this.

4. Can we make this a login based system? Currently there is no way to change the passoward or other information.

5. Can we have a format like this:

Recitations this Month:

Durood Sharif : X times
Quran Majeed (Complete) : Y times
Quran Majeed (Parts) : Z parts

Recitations in Previous Months:

Durood Sharif : X times
Quran Majeed (Complete) : Y times
Quran Majeed (Parts) : Z parts

Again congratulations on developing such a beautiful site! The style of text boxes (having a look of line) is especially very cool. Keep up this good work!

Reply : Bundle of thanks for the appreciation and suggestions. All of your points are noted and some of them are acted upon instantly. I hope you will carry on guiding us so we can improve further.

There was very limited time to develop the web, started on 1st Dec. and there were also other important projects running side by side like that we couldn’t neglect. So we find some mistakes and for the time being it were removed.

The facility to change user profile will be provided soon and the other facilities too.

NIC No. and contact information is asked for office use only. It will not be disclosed to any one without the prior permission of the respected member.

Monthly report of detailed statistics will be available after Dec on a separate page and a brief report will be added on the left side too.

Thanks again for such a nice review.

Submitted on : Tuesday, Dec 6, 2005. 07:01:16
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